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The Reasons why Dogs Light up Our Holiday Season

Holidays with dogs completely tops our list, because our friends, educators, and family are all gathered in one bundle of love. They have the power to improve our lives in ways that no one else can.

The past twelve months may have seen more than their share of hardships and victories, but our dogs have gone through it all.

As we anticipate a New Year full of opportunity and change, we also want to remind ourselves why our canine friends are amazing.

We are lucky canine parents have so much to be thankful for …

Here’s some of what they did to make our lives sparkle, through thick and thin.

1- Affordable significant downturn for every day of their lives

On days when you come home and need to vent your frustrating job and life that won’t happen, your dog will patiently sit by your side and take a lot of your troubles willingly while you lick those tears.

2- They will maintain your health-both physically and emotionally

They will motivate you to go further and run the extra mile, no matter how tired you are. It will also make you laugh and enjoy everything more, which will fully enhance your self-esteem and outlook on life.

3- They take you out of your shell

When you are outside with your puppy, you are sure to come across strangers who will pet your cute companion. You can be the most introverted and antisocial person in the world, but your beloved dog – and his admiration – can help pull you out of your shell and give you a chance to practice your conversation skills. And if no one deserves it? They will help you connect with the world around you.

5- They show us the true meaning of unconditional love.

Whether you forget to pick her up from nursery, or lose your temper, they will look at you with those big brown eyes and forgive you instantly. It’s a gift dogs can forgive and forget with a tail kick.

6- They are the best bodyguards

From start to finish, you have a bodyguard for life. Your safety and happiness are your pup’s top priorities, so it’s great to know that someone is always there for you.

7- They are always on an adventure

Even if you take off at this very moment, the puppy will not hesitate to join you. There is no need to complain or be distracted from “what if”. After all, destination and purpose are really a distant idea as long as you are there!

8- They don’t mind when you sing the key.

Your friends always tell you to be cool, and the karaoke idea makes your palms sweat. But fear not, because your dog will never criticize you like you do in American Idol. Better yet, they will howl and bend with you.

9- The most effective alarm clock

Forget the annoying alarms you set on your phone and count on your sweet pooch to blot your face at the break of dawn. Nothing like morning kisses gets you on your feet!

10- You can never be angry at them

Seriously, what kind of magic power does dogs have that can shake off any negativity with an honest look from those eyes? It is almost pointless to be disturbed by anything they do.

11- There is no need to convince them.

It doesn’t matter what job you work for, the car you drive, or how much you earn in a year. Bad hair days don’t exist for them. They don’t care much about your make-up or your appearance. They don’t mind putting extra padding on your body, or thin, bony places as well. All a dog wants is your time, love, and presence!

12- It is a good sport

Wearing silly holiday clothes? Check. Do you taste homemade dog biscuits that you have never tried before? Check. Does it allow you to post dirty pictures of them on Instagram? Check.

13- You are the best thing that happened to them

And they’ll show it too. With all the snuggles, kisses, and enthusiasm, you’ll always ensure that there is nothing better than your dog.

14- They love you As you are

No explanation needed, no questions asked; You are enough for this dog and don’t forget it!


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