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Top Paw® Luxurious Nylon Collars

Top Paw Best Dog CollarFrom PetSmart - Sturdy, soft single-ply luxurious adjustable nylon collars. Available in six sizes. Choose from four colors. Made exclusively for PetSmart.

From DefineDog - This is the only collar I will buy for my two dogs. Our Weimaraner and German Shorthaired Pointer are both big and strong, and this collar is one of the few I trust to not break or snap when they are walking on the leash. The one time I bought a no-name brand, I was so disappointed that I threw it away within weeks. The Top Paw collars come from PetSmart and are sturdy, adjustable, have a hardcore buckle, and they come in tons of cute colors now. The assortment of Top Paw collars is much bigger online than in stores. They also come in all sizes! We currently have a brown collar for Colby the GSP and a silver graphite collar for Sophie the Weim.
Buy Top Paw® Luxurious Nylon Collars : Priced From $5.99 to $12.99
PetSmartTop Paw® Luxurious Nylon Collars at PetSmart
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