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Kerry Blue Terrier

Other Names

Kerry, Irish Blue Terrier


The Kerry Blue Terrier comes from Ireland and was used for hunting, retrieving and herding. There is some controversy over the location in Ireland they originated.


Balanced, medium sized, muscular, terrier character, long well balanced head

Color and Coat

The coat is soft, dense and wavy with a clean head. The AKC standard for color is any shade of blue gray from deep slate to light blue gray, and should be consistent coloring. They are born black and develop their color over the first two years.

AKC Group



17-20 inches


30-40 lbs

Activity Level

Medium to High


Family companion, energetic, affectionate, spirited

Other Facts

Kerry Blue Terriers are hunters by nature and should be watched around small animals and pets. They are an uncommon breed of terrier and are considered by some the National Dog of Ireland.
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