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Irish Setter

Other Names

Sotar rua, Red Setter, Irish Red Setter


The Irish Setter was bred to "set" game like birds so that they could be caught by hunters. They were adapted over time to be used as pointing gun dogs. Irish Setter's are said to be bred from the Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Terrier, English Setter, Pointer and Spaniel.


Elegant, balanced, long and lean head, alert expression

Color and Coat

The coat is flat and medium length on the body, short and fine on the head and legs. The colors can be mahogany to rich chestnut.

AKC Group



24-27 inches


55-70 lbs

Activity Level



Energetic, outgoing, stable temper, good with children

Other Facts

The Irish Setter should be watched around small animals because they are a hunting breed. They like to have a job to do and have been used as therapy dogs. Some famous Irish Setter owners are Richard Nixon, Cesar Millan, Harry Truman and Alexander II.
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