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Other Names

Chinese Shar Pei, Shar Pei


The Shar-Pei was a farm dog from China that was used for guarding, catching rodents, herding and tracking. The Chinese thought the Shar-Peis facial features would ward off evil spirits. They Shar-Pei could be loosely related to the Chow Chow and is believed to have been used in dog fighting.


Adorably covered in wrinkles, compact medium size, large head with a "hippo" muzzle, high tail, loose skin, small and thick ears, blue-black tongue

Color and Coat

Harsh and straight short coat. Common colors are sable and solid colors from silver, blue and cream to dark red, brown and black.

AKC Group



18-20 inches


40-65 lbs

Activity Level



Devoted to family, stubborn, intelligent, regal, alert, confident

Other Facts

Shar-Peis should be socialized from an early age and can be standoffish towards strangers. They are a very clean breed. As puppies they are extremly wrinkly and as they mature the wrinkles will be most prominent in the neck and back. They can be very sensitive to hot weather and need water and shade.
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