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Other Names

Akita Inu, Akita-ken, Japanese Akita


The Akita has been used in Japan as a hunting dog for many years and is significant to Japanese culture. It is said the Akita is one of the oldest native Japanese dog breeds. A common gesture in Japan when a child is born is to give the family an Akita statue which is said to bring health, happiness and long life.


Large sized, powerful and alert, broad massive head, small eyes, erect ears, large curled tail

Color and Coat

Double coated with a thick dense undercoat and straight harsh outer coat. Common colors include white, brindle, red, fawn, sesame or pinto and any markings should be balanced.

AKC Group



23-28 inches


70-115 lbs

Activity Level



The tempermant can vary greatly, so the Akita should be supervised around animals and children. Responsive, courageous, brave, loyal, intelligent, and dignified.

Other Facts

Helen keller brought the first Akita to the US in 1937. Akitas are called the "silent hunter" in Japan but will bark if necessary, making them a good guard dog. They can become bored and destructive if not given a job to do.
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