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Other Names

German Boxer, Deutscher Boxer, German Bullmastiff


The Boxer originated in Germany in the 19th century and used to hold large game down until their hunter caught up. They were also used in dog fighting and use their arms to bat their opponent like boxing. Boxers came to the United States after World War I.


Medium sized, strong legs, square built, muscular, sturdy, blunt muzzle, dark brown eyes, cropped ears

Color and Coat

Short and smooth coat. Colors - Fawn (from light tan to mahogany), white or brindle.

AKC Group



21-25 inches


55-70 lbs

Activity Level



Affectionate with children, patient, protective, intelligent, alert, self-assured, playful, curious

Other Facts

Boxers are currently one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They need daily exercise and are popular family dogs and guard dogs. The boxer is often used as a police dog, service and guide dogs. They have great character and can be seen making all kinds of expressions.
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