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Other Names

Russian Wolfhound, Borzaya, Barzoi


The Borzoi uses their sight to hunt, rather than scent. They are said to be a cross between an Arabian greyhound and a Russian dog breed and have been bred for hundreds of years by Russian aristocracy. They were previously known as the Russian Wolfhound and were used to hunt fox and wolves.


Graceful, elegant, large sized, long and narrow head, small ears, tall and leggy, narrow and deep chest, muscular, long and curved tail

Color and Coat

Borzois have long, silky coat either flat or wavy. They come in many colors.

AKC Group



26-30 inches


60-115 lbs

Activity Level

Medium to High


Great house dog, affectionate, independent

Other Facts

The Borzoi rarely barks and will chase anything that moves, so it is best to keep them in a fenced area. EJ Smith, the Captain of the Titanic owned a Borzoi named Ben.
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