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Yorkshire Terrier

Other Names



Yorkshire Terriers come from the Yorkshire, England and were used to catch rats. They moved up the ranks to become European high society pets. Yorkies came to North America in the late 1800s.


Very small in size, long and silky hair, a compact well proportioned body, docked tail

Color and Coat

Glossy, fine, silky and straight long hair. Colors include black, tan, blue and silver-blue.

AKC Group



Weight must not exceed 7 lbs. They are usually 3-7 pounds.

Activity Level



A big personality in a small package, energetic, brave, companion dog, overprotective, loyal, bold

Other Facts

Yorkies need daily interaction with people and regular brushing. This breed can have many concerning health problems, so check with the breeder to see if they have done tests. The Guiness World Records listed a Yorkshire Terrier named Big Boss as the smallest dog in the world between 1995-2002 standing 4.7 inches tall (11.94 cm).
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