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Other Names

Rottie, Rott


Rottweilers can be traced back to when the Romans invaded Europe as the drover's company, but are more famous for being found in Germany. They were used for guarding and herding. The Rottweiler became popular in the early 1900s when a breed standard was formed.


Medium-large in size, powerful, noble and alert expression

Color and Coat

Double coated with the outer-coat being medium length, coarse and dense. Rottweilers are always black with rust or dark brown colored markings.

AKC Group



Dogs 24-27 inches, Bitches 22-25 inches


Dogs 110-130 lbs, Bitches 90-105 lbs

Activity Level



Confident, calm, protective, intelligent, willing to work, guard dog, good-natured, fearless

Other Facts

The Rottweiler is a protector and has great endurance which make him a good police dog, service and therapy dog. They love their people and can be goofy with their family, but can also be overprotective and should be socialized. Rottweilers are relatively healthy dogs and have lower disease reports than other breeds.
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