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Portuguese Water Dog

Other Names

Cao de Agua, Portie, Water Dog, PWD


The Portuguese Water Dog is native to Portugal where it is called the Cao de Agua (dog of water). They are great swimmers and were used to help fishermen retrieve nets, dive for fish, swim to shore and guard the boat.


Medium sized, rugged, strong, large head

Color and Coat

The coat can be curly or wavy of thick hair covering the entire body evenly. Two AKC recognized clips are the Lion Clip or the Retriever Clip. The colors can be black, white, brown, or variations of those colors.

AKC Group



Males 20-23 inches, Females 17-21 inches


Males 40-60 lbs, Females 35-50 lbs

Activity Level



Active, loyal, alert, intelligent, brave

Other Facts

The Portuguese Water Dog has a hypoallergenic coat, but needs to be brushed on a regular basis. They love the water and some compete in water sports.
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