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Other Names

Pom, Pom Pom, Deutsche Spitze, Spitz, Zwergspitz


Pomeranians are said to have come from a region called Pomerania which is where Germany and Poland are today. They were originally much larger and were used to herd animals. They were called Spitz by the English and made popular when Queen Victoria brought one home from Florence, Italy.


The Pomeranian is a compact dog, alert expression, high tail that lies on back, cocky attitude, short muzzle

Color and Coat

Double coated with a soft and dense undercoat. The outer-coat is harsh and long. There are many color combinations, some common colors are black and tan, brindle, and parti-color.

AKC Group



5-11 inches


3-7 lbs

Activity Level



Cocky, animated, intelligent, outgoing, good family dogs, vivacious, extrovert

Other Facts

Pomeranians need attention from people and can suffer from separation anxiety. They boomed in popularity when Queen Victoria owned one in the late 1800s. The Pomeranian is a popular breed in the United States.
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