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Other Names

Peke, Lion Dog, Pelchie Dog


Peking was the original name of Beijing, where the Pekingese were said to have originated many centuries ago. They were owned by Chinese royalty and brought to Europe when the British took the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1860.


Dignified and self-important character, well balanced, stocky and muscular body, longer than tall, flat face, wide round eyes, rectangular head, high tail that curls over the back

Color and Coat

The double coat is long, straight and course with a soft undercoat. Pekingese can be any color, but the most common are shades of gold, red, sable, cream, black, white and tan.

AKC Group



6-9 inches


All weights allowed up to 14 lbs. 7 pounds and under is a sleeve.

Activity Level



Good family companions, courageous, bold to a fault, loyal

Other Facts

Because Pekingese are small they can thrive in small spaces. They enjoy short walks. Air conditioning for Pekingese owners is a must. Pekingese need regular grooming to keep up with their long coats. They can have health issues such as heart, eye and breathing problems, eye problems are typically result of injury and not genetic. Buyers should be careful to select pups from parents with large open nostrils that also carry the same trait. Buyers should also insure that parents did not suffer from a soft palate issue. We recommend to purchase your Pekingese from hobby breeders that show their dogs. Try to avoid commercial non-showing breeders.
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