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Miniature Schnauzer


The Miniature Schnauzer is a German breed of a cross between Standard Schnauzer and a smaller breed. He was used to hunt small animals and to keep an eye over the farm.


Small, Handsome, Sturdy, Naturally Short Tail

Color and Coat

A double coat with a hard and wiry outer coat. Known for their whiskers and beard. Recognized colors are salt and pepper, black and silver, or solid black. Very low Shedding.

AKC Group



12-14 inches


12-22 lbs

Activity Level

Medium to Low


Protective, Smart, Alert

Other Facts

Miniature Schnauser's can adapt to apartment living or roam large properties. They make great watchdogs and are great with children.


My dad got me a Miniature Schnauzer for my 9th birthday. We named her Misletoe and called her Misty, she was a great dog. Misty did not like other dogs and was particular about how she was picked up. She had a fun and independent character. She had a lot of problems with her teeth, even though we had them regularly cleaned. Misty lived to be 16 years old. -Tina, DefineDog
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