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Other Names

English Mastiff, Old English Mastiff


The oldest drawings found of Mastiff's date back to 3000 BC from Egyptian monuments. Caesar brought a group of Mastiffs back to Rome after watching them fight with the British. At that time, they were used for fighting - mainly against gladiators, lions and bulls. They became popular in England to protect the home and farm.


The Mastiff is one of the biggest AKC recognized dogs. They are massive, dignified, alert and kind expression, muscular and have large feet.

Color and Coat

Double coated, straight coarse outer coat which is short. Colors include fawn, apricot, silver-fawn and brindle.

AKC Group



Males are minimum 30 inches, Females are minimum 27 inches


120- 250 lbs

Activity Level



Good natured, courageous, dignified, gentle, loyal, calm and affectionate to their master but can be protective.

Other Facts

Many owners refer to the Mastiff as a giant teddy bear because of their affectionate and submissive behavior. Some famous Mastiffs include Herculese (aka the Beast) from the Sandlot and Mason the Mastiff from the first Transformers movie.
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